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With love from Bucharest

In our Bucharest offices we have the highest density of software engineers in the organization and a high product development focus. It’s not only a special place to work at, but also a great place to experience the cosmopolitan vibe and the city nightlife.

Sos. Pipera Tunari 4C, 077190 Voluntari, RO.

With love from Brasov

Our team in Brasov supports METRO’s helpdesk in the day-to-day operations. The city itself is located in the famous region of Transylvania, where you can go for mountain hikes in the Carpathian mountains or visit Dracula’s famed castle nearby.

Str. Ionescu Crum 1, 500446 Brasov, RO.

With love from Cluj-Napoca

As one of the fastest developing cities in Romania, Cluj-Napoca is a hot spot for IT and innovation. Here in our offices you can choose a working space based on your needs, pair with colleagues on different projects and work on exciting products using the latest tech.

Str. Teodor Mihali 62, 077423, Cluj-Napoca, RO.