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Kanban board game

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November 20, 2019

“Practice is the best of all instructors” – says an old latin quote.

We experienced that last week by playing the getKanban board game.

Playing the game takes between 3-5 hours (it depends on the speed of the team), it’s fun and helps us understand the essential practices and principles that we need to consider if we want to start a Kanban initiative.

While playing the game we understand that Kanban is not only about maintaining a Kanban board and not having the sprints anymore. Kanban comes with a lot of flow management principles, that can be very powerful for our way of working.

This game helps us understand how to apply these principles and what’s their impact on our daily results.

Some key learnings that we had after the 4-hour session:

  • how to visualize your workflow on a Kanban board
  • the importance of visualizing the waiting columns
  • what’s flow efficiency and how to calculate it
  • the importance of respecting the WIP limits
  • how powerful a cross-functional team can be
  • how to deal with bottlenecks

Either you want to switch from your current way of working to Kanban, or you want to map some Kanban principles on your current way of working, this game is a great way to find out what fits you the best.

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