Management principles – 1:1 Framework

Bill Campbell

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December 22, 2019

“Your title makes you a manager, your people make you a leader”
Great people flourish in an environment that liberates and amplifies their energy. Managers must support, respect, and trust.

A company is made by the people. The 2 most important influencing factors of a person’s work life are the company culture and – maybe more important) the direct manager. The top attribute of a good manager is being a good coach.

The best way to help people be more effective and grow is to hold effective 1:1 meetings.

Former executive, Bill Campbell has been an informal executive coach to many tech giants like Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Sunder Pichai, Marissa Mayer, Dick Costolo, Dan Rosensweig, Donna Dubinsky, Sheryl Sandberg, Ben Horowitz, and many others.

This is his (*adapted) framework for 1:1:

Performance on job requirements:
  • Could be KPIs/OKRs*
  • Could be product delivery or product milestones
  • Could be customer feedback or product quality
  • Could be budget numbers
Relationship with peer groups 
  • Solution* and Engineering
  • Country* and Solution
  • Support* and Engineering
  • Are you guiding/coaching your people?
  • Are you weeding out the bad ones?
  • Are you working hard at hiring people?
  • Are you able to get your people to do heroic things?
Innovation (Best Practices)
  • Are you constantly moving ahead… thinking about how to continually get better?
  • Are you constantly evaluating new technologies, new products, new practices?
  • Do you measure yourself against the best in the industry?

There’s a few more guidelines to help:

  1. Spend a few minutes understanding who you’re talking to and who they are, personally. 
  2. Be prepared for the meeting with around 5 topics you would like to address. 
  3. Your coachee should also be prepared for the meeting with around the same number of topics.
  4. Once a week is a good cadence. 
  5. It’s about them and their growth. 

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